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Azedejean-Pierre | About Us

Azedejean-Pierre is a boutique in Tempe that sells beautiful clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes that sets every woman apart from each other. Unlike other company that mass produce, we see to it that each clothing design was only manufactured in limited numbers to ensure the quality and the uniqueness of our customers. So when you come to our shop, you can be sure to own OOTDs that are only available to you.

Our company was established in 2001. Even before this boutique opened, the owner already planned to set this apart from other companies by coming up with unique products. She knows how important it is to have your own style in the fashion industry so this became one of the goals of this company in the business. We all know that it is inevitable for two people to have the same clothing. Even in Hollywood where artists and other influential people who have access to expensive clothing, they cannot still help sometimes to wear the same thing as their colleagues. The bane of their existence now is when the media get a whiff of this and start putting two pictures side by side and let the public decide on who wore it better. This is what we are hoping to stop here. We believe that no people should be put into a limelight like that. Thus, the creation of this brand.

Over the years, we recognized other services needed by our customers. There are times when they seek our help to be their professional shoppers and their stylists. Due to the growing demand for such, we decided to extend the services we offer to accommodate these. We trained better and enhanced our skills so that we can serve them to the best of our capabilities. So far, we do not regret it because not only we are able to help our customers in improving their style, but we are also helping our company grow.